Saturday, June 9, 2012

Plan to increase capacity for RER Line A in Paris, France

Current design cannot handle surging ridership
M109 that will serve RER A in 2014
New colors makes the train looks futuristic
Current M184 serving RER A in Auber station

Source: RATP.FR
Increasing transport capacity of the RER line A is a major issue and replacement of existing trains, which carry fewer passengers, the new material MI09 is an essential step in improving transport conditions. The MI09 offer many additional seats (2600 passengers with 948 passengers seats, against 1 684 passengers with 432 seats for MI84). Currently, three types of rolling stock co-exist on the line: the MS61 recently renovated, the MI84, and the two level MI2N. As of December 5, 2011 until 2014, a first tranche of 60 MI09 trainsets will gradually replace the equipment MI84. Four MI09 trainsets (that is to say two trains) run on the line by the end of this year, then two additional trains will be put into service each month.

In case RER A doesn't ring a bell to you.... It is the line that connects to Paris Disneyland, the Val de Europe outlet Malls, Arc du Triumph, and La Defence

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